The Girls

We have several females whom we have just fallen so in love with! Each and every one of them have such a wonderful personality! CCA means Canadian Comfort Alpacas which is the farm that owned these alpacas and registered them.


QH Miss Sally

Sally is the Mom of D'Arcy, our second born on the farm in 2020. Sally is a lover of food and will be the first to eat from your hand but also the first to give you the Level 1 Spit Experience.

SOLD....Congratulations to Brad and Evie's Farm in Spencerville who have added Sally to their herd! We hope she brings a beautiful cria this summer of 2022.

CCA D'Arcy Lynn

D'Arcy is our second cria born on our farm (Mom is Sally). She is one of our friendliest alpacas and will usually greet you, eat from your hand and if she finds you very special, she will lay on the ground for your to pet her and get great photos!


CCA Lexi

Lexi is our only white female alpaca, a FANTASTIC Mom and such a gentle alpaca. She will be curious about you and if you stand still with grain she will eat from your hand. Lexi is Mom to Ruby, our first born cria on the farm, hence Ruby's Acres! We love this Mom and daughter photo!

CCA First Lady Ruby

Our first born Ruby just appeared in the paddock! It was such a wonderful surprise. She is weary of the human but is usually curious enough to come check you out. She is the only alpaca we have to give haircuts around her eyes because she grows a fluffy face!!


CCA Kerri

Kerri is one of our black alpacas with a few white markings. She is getting more friendly and will maybe eat from your hand. She was a first time Mom in 2021 with having twins, however, we lost the second cria. But her little boy Griffin grew up sold and went to a new farm. In 2022, Kerri gave brth the a beautiful bay black male we named Emjay.

CCA Kendall

Kendall is one of our biggest alpacas, and she is just learning that eating from the human hand yields much more grain, so this is a big accomplishment for us! Kendall is terrified of our potbelly pig Tazzi. Kendall will sound her "alarm" when Tazzi is out grazing. Kendall is a Mom in 2021 to a little boy name Leviathan (Levi)


Prada and Pandora

Arriving at the farm in August of 2021, Prada and Pandora are twin sisters and are known to produce grey cria. We are so happy to have these girls on our farm. Not the friendliest of Mommas, they tend to stand back and keep a watchful eye on every move you make. Mayyybeee they might come a little bit close if you are thinking of giving them a summer hose shower! Pandora is Mom to our little grey cria boy named Phantom. She is also Kerri's Mom, which explains why Kerri had twins!

CCA Crina's Sheena

Sheena is a little smaller than the rest of the herd but she also has a uniqueness to her. She has crooked front legs that point more outward. You can't get near her yet as she thinks humans are very sketchy. We will be working with her to change that. She is such a cute fluffy face!

SOLD....Congratulations to Brad and Evie's Farm who purchased little Sheena. While she is as cute as a button, she was just a bit too small for our breeding program. 


CCA Itty Bitty Pearl

Itty Bitty is our other black girl, an October baby and just didn't grow like she should have so she remains our miniature alpaca! She is so cute, but won't let you get near her. We are going to work on that and hopefully she learns to love us too! She is standing beside Phantom who is 3 months old in this photo.


Jojo came to us as a rescue with her brother Harry Stylz. We don't know how old she is but she had not been sheared in a couple of years at least. Her toenails were extremely long and needed a serious trim. She was so scared of us at first and now she will come to say hello and maybe eat from your hand. She will definitely be there when the hose comes out for a shower. She is also our best guardian alpaca and will chase the dog down!!



Sunrise is our eldest female alpaca at 16 years old. She is still producing babies at her age. She is best known for trying to soak in the water trough and is a destroyer of our fencing seeing as she uses it as for scratching! She also really needs a dentist, but don't let her teeth scare you away!


Jordan is a shy girl and tries hard to be invisible. Not a very friendly alpaca but she is very beautiful and we can't wait to see what color baby she will bring us in 2022. Her fleece is a beautiful dark brown (known as dark bay), but looks very close to black.



Nikita is being elusive from the camera!!

Nikita is a sweet girl who LOVES to shake a toe at the watering pool. She will give you plenty of toe taps which tells you she is loving her cool down! She is a little on the shy side and if she eats from your hand it would be a happy moment for us!