The Boys

We currently have 8 males on our farm, 3 of which are young cria still with their Mommas. We keep the males separate from the females because the males will constantly try to breed with the females regardless if they are gelded (neutered) or not.



Scotch was one of the first two alpacas we got in November 2019.  While he is sketchy of people he is curious and will check you out, maybe eat from your hand. He is the father of our crias born this year, Griffin and Levi. He was gelded in the summer as he will be one of our walking alpacas. He is excellent at walking with you.



Whiskey came home with Scotch in November of 2019. He is a sweet boy and not overly friendly, but he does enjoy walking with the humans, or at least he acts like he enjoys it! Whiskey is a very vocal boy who does not like to be bothered by the other boys.


LSFF Remingtons Amber Ace (Remy)

Remy is our new 4 yo stud. He comes from Alberta and this is the first year he is a sire to our ladies. He takes his job very seriously and you will often see him swinging his head like he is Fabio. We have coined him Fabio now because of this slick maneuver. He is a lover of the ladies and can be seen sniffing your hair. But be careful with him, he is known to play nice then spit at you!!

Stud fee for Remy is $500.



Roxxus was surrendered to us from a dairy farm. He had not been sheared in a couple of years and had 15lbs of fleece on him. He is EXTREMELY food motivated and if you have treats he is your best friend. He is also very possessive of the pool in the summer and therefore poops in the pool so no one else goes in!  He is our most friendly alpaca and allows you to pet him and is a great walking partner.


Griffin (Sold)

Griffin was first born in August 2021 to CCA Kerri's Good Girl and the sire is Scotch, who is unregistered. Griffin is a twin, but we lost his little brother in utero. 


Leviathan (Sold)

This little man was born to CCA Kendall, sired by Scotch in August of 2021. He was a huge cria, hence his name! He is a beautiful bay brown color.