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"Adopt" an Alpaca

Introducing our new "Adopt" an Alpaca program is a wonderful way to pick an alpaca from our herd and follow their journey for one year!

Adopting does not mean ownership and you take your alpaca home, but rather a friendship while he or she remains here, at the farm, with the alpaca family!

Cost - $150 plus HST

When you decided to "adopt" an alpaca, your family will visit the farm to pick out the alpaca you wish to have a friendship with for one year. 

Once you select your alpaca, you will receive a Certificate of Friendship, a small pocket album with photos of your alpaca and parents (if you choose a cria) and a small sample of the fibre in May once shearing is completed. 

You will receive quarterly updates and a few photos of your alpaca each update. 


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